Fr. Stephen Parkes


Patricia Kahle


Voicemail: 3208

    Misty Merritt

    Assistant Principal

    Voicemail: 3209

      Kate Waters

      Guidance Counselor

      Voicemail: 3204

        School Board

        Very Reverend Stephen D. Parkes, V.F. Pastor
        Patricia L. Kahle Principal
        Jorge de la Osa President
        Tonya Keenan Home and School Representative
        LaDuane Clifton
        Linda Corless
        Mark McLaughlin
        Gerard Newcomer
        Pam Tapley
        Janet Garzia
        Erin Woods

        Home and School Board

        Tonya Keenan President
        Bridget Drabik Vice President
        Ana Ferreira Treasurer/Secretary
        Erin Kurz HomeRoom Parent Coordinator
        Jen Simoni HomeRoom Parent Assistant
        Luna Tolunay Fundraising
        Michelle Reome Fundraising Assistant
        Dawn Warren Fundraising Assistant
        Michele Bugallo Fundraising Assistant
        Cynthia Barry Fundraising Assistant
        Robin McCaul Programs & Events Coordinator
        Ellen O’Connor Programs & Events Assistant
        Paula Stehli Volunteer Coordinator
        Nicole Paris George Volunteer Coordinator Assistant
        Jean Ford Historian
        Jen Chorak Sponsorship
        Kelly Blomquist ACA Public Relations

        Thank you to our Home and School Board for their support of our students and staff.