Our Orlando Pool Deck Experts specialize in cleaning and repainting your existing concrete surfaces. Whether it is time for your yearly power wash or time to repaint your textured acrylic pool deck, we offer an option that fits your taste and budget.


Includes power wash service +10 point deck inspection.



Professional Power wash, caulking, 2 coats acrylic deck paint, and a 10 point deck inspection.

Starting at $549


8 Point Deck Inspection

  1. How slippery is surface when wet? Would it benefit from a non­skid additive?
  2. What is the condition of the existing sealer? Is it exhibiting fading or allowing moisture absorption into the surface?
  3. Is there mold and/or mildew present in existing surface? If so, what is causing this condition
  4. Has the concrete cracked or shifted in a way that would cause a trip hazard?
  5. Deck drain: Is the deck drain functioning properly? Are both ends clear and free of debris?
  6. Does the screen base cause water pooling on the surface?
  7. Are there surface defects ie: chipping texture, hollow spots? Are these limited to a specific area or are they throughout the entire surface?
  8. Pool deck exterior: is there any undermining, settling, or erosion that needs to be addressed?